Lived To See Today

Holly Brians Ragusa
1 min readDec 6, 2020

The dawn didn’t wake me,

Insomnia’s alarm rang loud as it has, and has, and yet,

I woke.

I breathed in a day at nighttime

Then slept again to wake once more

Before tomorrow became reality

Before the day took on its shape

Before news made history

Before photos of dinners and confessions of hangovers

Alerted social media

My Mother has a built in gratitude for each sunrise

A gift of her upbringing

Simplicity of view that brought

Ignorance and bliss

Bliss sounds nice.

I’ll sleep again without doubt

It’s the waking that isn’t assured

A lottery ticket won each day if we choose

To scratch at the surface

I woke to see today

Tomorrow leaves a mark questioned

An ache of longing that only occasionally

Reminds me of the arrogance of going to sleep

The utter arrogance of saying goodbye to a day

When things are left unsaid, undone, unmade




Holly Brians Ragusa

Poet-Author-Family Ringleader- Late Bloomer- Advocate for Arts/Ed/History/Kindness #FactOverFiction #HelpHumanityGoViral #AmWriting She/Her