A Hatted Cat Bows

Holly Brians Ragusa
1 min readMar 5, 2021


Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Doctors of words

Live in worlds timed

By today and yesterday

Their home visits

Preventative or past hope

Some clocks seem to run

slower than a fox in socks

All time runs out

On those who cut trees

To the last stump

Unless someone like you

Cares a whole awful lot

Time will stop before

We all find a seat

So plant a seed

For new growth

See shoots of truth

Burst forth

In overturned soil

Sprinkle tired thoughts

With awareness

Allow that wasted realm

To die away

Make room for wonder

Take hold of hands and ideas

to ponder, to pen

Responsibility cleans up

after Thing 1 and Thing 2

Haven’t considered

Being considerate.

How dim are we to

Cancel accountability

To diminish the will of an entity

Attempting to catch up

To the here and now

When others would

Trap us in a vacuum

I don’t live on mulberry street

And neither would many

of my friends have been

sold houses there.

Streets drive on

Houses change owners

and new flowers

are planted out front.

Seuss would have

Named them fabulously

For what they are

For what they could be

We must also name what

Holds us in dated

Houses in need of more

Than Reconstruction



Holly Brians Ragusa

Poet-Author-Family Ringleader- Late Bloomer- Advocate for Arts/Ed/History/Kindness #FactOverFiction #HelpHumanityGoViral #AmWriting She/Her